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Internet Education And Its Impact and Service

Last 10 years was a period of both technological development and rapid globalization. Today we can easily find the impact of internet in everyone’s life. The 90's have a good Image. We tend to remember them as a prosperous, optimistic decade that happened to end with the Internet Boom and Bust. This results that majority of us are collecting Information and services with the help of Several Social Media and Mobile Applications. 
                                                              In Education Sector Internet is changing the classroom to Virtual classroom, Online classes etc. and even changing the learning concepts of Learners.
                                                              History Says That, our youth has played a vital role in all the revolutionary changes taken in our country. Our Youths are full of Positive Energy and Rich Thinking. They can take risk for any transformation in our society. As, this is phase of Startup, New Technology tends to come from new Ventures-Startup. Today India is standing at that place from where India can fulfill his all dreams that society deemed during Independence. This results that every day we find new ideas and concept are developing and majority of them are providing excellent support, service and Information.

Education an Unending Process

Having a college degree or a high school education is never the end of true education. To stay competitive in the job market and to stay in touch with world as it continue to develop your skills. There are amazing education opportunities available that will help you to take the next step forward in either your career or simply your containment of knowledge as an individual.

Impact of Internet Education
  • It is easier to do research
  • Communication with family, friends and relatives is faster
  • There is a great possibility to earn while working from home
  • Faster business transactions and cheaper products
  • Savings on travel cost
  • Children, young adults and even adults get addicted to games online
  • Pornography is rampant
  • Loss of the human touch
  • Criminal elements use information to advance their malicious intents
  • Abandonment of family
                                               Role of PAiCO
It is necessary to maintain the transparency in all sector but in education it is very important. As, education is a vital sector that helps in the creation of society root. So, it must have to be transparent and authentic. With keeping the Authenticity and transparency of education PAiCO has developed a platform from where both Learners and educationalists are benefited. PAiCO is trying to connect all Sectors of education either they are Coaching Classes, Institutes, Academy, Colleges, University, Schools, Home Tutors, Part Time Professionals, NGOs, Goods & Service Providers etc. Providing them an opportunity of branding their enterprise with raising their Profile, Activity & Events at their desired area. Students/Learners are benefited to shootout their requirements between numbers of service providers. Even Learners can shortlist their requirements by users Ratings, Reviews, Works and services described in their profile. PAiCO wish to provide you an excellent service & Support.



  1. Your idea for providing education is too good, the best thing is that it's not a one way, both teacher and student have advantage due to this......

    1. Thank You Very Much. We wish to Provide you an excellent Service & Support.


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