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Mother Name- The Gift of God to the Mankind

Spiritual Saints told that God is Power, He has no name or form. This entire world is the manifestation of the supreme Lord. Our Holy Scriptures say Aham Brahmashmi, Tat tvam Asi. God, the formless cosmic soul became happy and wanted to see Himself, so He manifested first in the form of this universe and then the Human Being. The entire nature of this physical world including Sun, moon, Ocean, mountain, the jungle, the animal and plant kingdom even the insects etc. (The Eco System) was created by the lord for the benefits of the mankind. Evidence suggests that God first created this Eco system and then created Mankind. hence this becomes a gift by god to the humans so that he can use it, enjoy and be happy. This nature is like a self fulfilling system having everything that Mankind needs.

        Similarly God created mankind and gave us five physical sense organs and internal ones such as Mind, intellect and the ego. With the physical sense organs, We acquired the knowledge of this …

Education can be a great leveler but only if government schools deliver it better- by Times of India

The district-wise data from the National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2017 is a wake-up call to central and state governments. It indicates that education in government schools is failing to equip a majority of children for the academic rigours of higher education or the confidence to acquire skills and pursue gainful employment. And yet the data also reveals aspirations at work, of girls outshining boys, rural schools bettering urban ones, OBCs outperforming general category, and Dalit students doing better than others in primary classes in some pockets. Although experts say those with resources have migrated to private schools leaving mostly OBC, Dalit, Adivasi and poor students in government schools, this is also a great window of opportunity for weaker sections of society. This urge to learn and venture outside traditional occupations makes it incumbent upon governments to not let down first generation learners. Unfortunately, while there has been a great emphasis on assessments in t…