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Mother Name- The Gift of God to the Mankind

Spiritual Saints told that God is Power, He has no name or form. This entire world is the manifestation of the supreme Lord. Our Holy Scriptures say Aham Brahmashmi, Tat tvam Asi. God, the formless cosmic soul became happy and wanted to see Himself, so He manifested first in the form of this universe and then the Human Being. The entire nature of this physical world including Sun, moon, Ocean, mountain, the jungle, the animal and plant kingdom even the insects etc. (The Eco System) was created by the lord for the benefits of the mankind. Evidence suggests that God first created this Eco system and then created Mankind. hence this becomes a gift by god to the humans so that he can use it, enjoy and be happy. This nature is like a self fulfilling system having everything that Mankind needs.

        Similarly God created mankind and gave us five physical sense organs and internal ones such as Mind, intellect and the ego. With the physical sense organs, We acquired the knowledge of this world required for our sustenance and furthering the generation. We were totally dependent on the nature for our needs and the nature on the mankind for taking care of it. There was so, a sense of Independence. This nature of Eco System was totally balanced at the time of creation. But as the human civilization progressed with more and more Industrialization, the humans went into an over drawl mode disturbing the original equilibrium of the nature resulting into nature's fury such as excessive rain & flood, excessive snow, global warming and various other disasters.

      We can see that the mother nature and our internal  nature are supposed to be interdependent, supportive of and complementary to each other. Our five senses were supposed to be at equilibrium with development of our internal organs i.e. mind, intellect and ego. However, Our over emphasized material instinct led us to become greedy and over indulgent and we became focused on sensual gratification totally devoid of any spiritual pursuit. We became lost in our objective and totally ingrained in worldly acquisitions and sensual gratification. This State gets manifested in the Social issues and problem  of jealously, competition and the five forces of greed, Attachment, Anger, Sexual Desire and self pride getting stronger, We lose the sight of our immediate surrounding and the Mother Nature. Teacher (Guru) has said that the external world is nothing but a reflection of our internal nature. Whatever we do or think gets reflected and again comes to us.
     The Philosophy of our Teacher ( Guru )   and its Practice teaches us to be aware of our real self. He emphasized on cleansing of both our physical body as well as the layers of Ego, Intellect and Our Mind. He has taught us that the ultimate objective of the Mankind is to achieve a state of Oneness. When we think of ourselves and all others as a part of same source, manifestation of the same supreme power, Our Perspective towards the World changes. The jealously and hatred is replaced by a sense of compassion. As we Sit through Sadhana and let the light of our Teacher ( Guru) permeates through our physical body, our heart and mind becomes purer and intellect becomes more subtle. We develop a sense of contentment and use our senses for the right purpose i.e. to acquire the know;edge of this world and to be in  a state of harmony with our mother nature, We are able to surrender our stupid ego and vulgar selfishness and start serving HIM through the Mankind and other elements of the Eco System. In a way, slowly but steadily we restore the equilibrium between ourselves and the environment; We restore our faith and respect in our mother nature.
      This leads to a change process. The " Aura" around us becomes more positive and we become change agents - A catalytic force to spread positivity, happiness and light-up our Teacher (Guru) to anyone and everyone who comes into Our contact. Our internal Nature changes which is now reflected in our changed behavior and deposition to our immediate involvement, our family, neighbor and society. We spread love and compassion to all the elements of nature. This leads to a chain reaction leading to change in others. Like an Alcoholic is surrounded By Alcoholic and when he changes to become devotee, the same person is now surrounded by devotee. Hence When we change, the World Changes, in short changing the world by changing our-self. As Teacher (Guru) say "What we have received gift from God But How we use them is returning the gift to him, Almighty".
Then the Distance between us and others creators of the universe shortens and we start understanding the meaning of our Teacher (Guru), Tat Tvam Asi and we see this world as manifestation of the same Teacher. 
     Our Teacher (Guru) Bless Us All...

       By PAiCO An Education Hub